5 Star Review by Guest USTravellar
WOW Real NY Pizza in Tampa. Since January 2007, we have travelled the country, from Florida to Arizona to Oregon to Maine. At each stop we looked for NY style pizza. In some cases we were disappointed; other times just disappointed. While in the Tampa area, we decided to try Best NY Pizza..... Best NY Pizza is a winner. The flavor of the sauce! so much cheese that it was a challenge to separate the slices! the thin crust........! It reminded me of the many times when I bought a slice of pizza on 86th street in NYC while on the way home from high school.... 5 Stars
5 Star Review by Guest 66133

I've always believed that you cannot get "Real" NY pizza, anywhere but NYC. As a transplanted NY'er I'm telling you, I'm wrong. Best NY Pizza is both. Real NY Pizza and the "BEST" in all of Florida

5 Star Review by Guest Richard Yepes at Citysearch
Best pizza in Carrollwood!!!! This is the #1 pizza spot in the carrollwood area and possibly all of Tampa. Been going here for years and never get tired of their pizza. Definitely authentic NY pizza, not like the imitators that claim to be and taste nothing like it (and there are alot of them...) Wish they had delivery but not a dealbreaker. Still worth walking out of the house for a better tasting pizza!
5 Star Review by Guest94228
Really the Best Pizza in Tampa. They truly deserve the name Best NY Pizza!
5 Star Review by Guest Robert Maddrey
Probably the best and most consistent NY style pizza that I have had in Tampa to date. Reasonably priced and always tasty, this is a great place to stop in for either lunch or dinner. Toppings always taste fresh and unlike many NYC style pizza joints they don't heat the pizza so much that it's a pile of molten mouth burning cheese. Recently they completed an expansion and improvement of the dining room, making it a great place to dine in as well as take-out.
5 Star Review by Guest Peggy Trump
Tonight is the best pizza I have ever had! It was fantastic! We loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and the owners came over to make sure that we were enjoying our pizzas. They were so very nice! Best NY Pizza is now my favorite restaurant.
5 Star Review by Guest 47213
Saturday Night we came in for our regular take out pizza, I have to say that your pizza guys do a terrific job! It's always perfect with just the right amount of toppings and cooked just the way we like it. Thank you to the guys in the back!
5 Star Review by Guest 14134

Great PIZZA !, Great SERVICE !. Great PLACE !!!!. It REALLY is the BEST New York PIZZA.

5 Star Review by Guest Mary

First visit to this hidden Carrollwood gem. The pizza and calzones were the best. You can tell they use quality ingredients and the portions are huge! Very nice relaxed atmosphere. We had a great server with a great personality. I highly recommend this restaurant and will return often.

Liked: Pizza, Service, Food, Toppings, Value

by Guest Iris
Good Pizza For starters I have never been to NY but my husband has. He said the pizza was very much like the pizza he had in NY. I thought the pizza was good we ordered a margharita pizza and a 4 cheese pizza with olives. We also ordered knots with pesto sauce. I thought overall the prices were pretty fair with what we got. We will going back for sure.
5 Star Review by Guest 62097
Best we've found in Tampa. .
5 Star Review by Guest A.J.
A little over 2 years ago, I walked into your pizzeria and I knew immediately, I had finally found New York pizza in Tampa. I am a native of Tampa and was raised in Long Island, New York. I know great pizza! Your establishment reminded me of the pizza parlors in New York. Your staff is friendly, family owned right down to your dachshund. The pizza is heavenly! You take pride in what you do. This evening, I had a taste for pizza and after browsing through the many coupons and menus I have, I decided to go online to the Zagat ratings. I did not want just a pizza, I wanted the best! Low and behold, Best New York Pizza was on their list! Since my SUV is not working, I have not been to your restaurant in a long time but I know your pizza is the best I've had since leaving New York. Your pizza is made with the finest ingredients. In a word, delicious! It's true what they say, "when you've had the best, you forget the rest"! You truly deserve a 5 star Zagat rating!
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