5 Star Review by Guest 23785

Best NY Pizza is the best Pizza Place around! No one compares to them! Best NY Pizza never ceases to amaze me! With their friendly staff, GREAT Service & even better food this place is the BEST! )

5 Star Review by Guest 47429

FANTASTIC ! , the Pizza is the Best in Florida. Its real New York Pizza. I havn't had Pizza this good since I moved to Florida 10 years ago. Highly Recommended, you deserve to give them a try.

5 Star Review by Guest NPBrandon
I gotta say I'm from Brooklyn moved out here in Tampa about a year ago and I ran into some b.s. places with so called NY pizza I gotta say this one was a real surprise. When ever we have a pizza night we're gonna call them up I have to say the only drawback to the shop is they don't deliver but other than that it's worth the drive
5 Star Review by Guest NancyYoung
I'm Impressed! Most of the pizza places I've been in the bay area are pretty much the same... just blah. ... That is until I stepped into Best Ny Pizza. The smell was incredible! I felt like I was home!..... after getting my 1 Cheese Slice and 1 Pepperoni Slice I was in Heaven! The Garlic Knots.... INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to go again this week ....They really are the best, ......Thanks for bringing great Pizza to the Tampa bay area!
5 Star Review by Guest Brent

Best pizza outside of new York! ! If you haven't tried this place, go now.

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere

5 Star Review by Guest HalfDragon

Just recently found this place for the first time although I've been in Tampa 10+ years. Silly me! What a great pizza, I think it's the cheese that makes it so delicious. Staff has always been great, even when we come in at the end of the night. They also have real brewed sweet tea. They're located in a plaza that has not been updated much from the outside (with an Office Depot and ABC Liquor), but the inside is really nicely done. It was a surprise when we walked it, it's very elegant with great decor, piano music, and not a typical pizza joint. Will definately be back often, our new favorite pizza in Tampa.

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

5 Star Review by Guest nattattatter
I love the new dining room! Looks like they had a decorator do the job! New food is fab too! Love it. Can't wait to go back!
5 Star Review by Guest Sam

This is the best pizza place I've found in the Tampa area! They really can't be touched by any other places that claim to be NY pizza or even any other pizza place really. My friends and I dine here all the time. I love the fact that they sell pizza by the slice too! Their Calzones are to die for! I'm so happy I found this place!

5 Star Review by Guest 78137

Great PIZZA !, Great SERVICE !. Great PLACE !!!! . It REALLY is the BEST New York PIZZA

5 Star Review by Guest DJJayito
5 StarsThe minute you take a bite, you can tell this pizza was made by people who KNOW exactly what it takes to make NEW YORK PIZZA. I was initially skeptical by the Best New York Pizza (name) because that's a strong statement. As soon as I smelled the pizza, I knew I was in for something I haven't REALLY had since my last visit to New York. The taste of Long Island, New York made me smile. Thank you guys. I will next come sit down and have dinner with Best New York Pizza - as their food looks amazing, too.
5 Star Review by Guest 12659
INCREDIBLE! I can't get enough of this place! .....This place is the only place I want to go to eat, prices are great, the food is fantastic and the staff is always so accommodating! I tell everyone about this place! If you haven't tried it yet.... well, you really should! 5 Stars or More for BEST NY PIZZA
5 Star Review by Guest JMH
The best pizza ever!! No other words needed. Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
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