5 Star Review by Guest YoSe

Just Moved To Tampa and Have Had a Really Difficult Time Finding Good Pizza Until We Came Here. The Pizza Here Is Awesome It's a 20 Minute Drive For My Family To Eat Here and We Pass Plenty of Pizza Places on The Way But It's Worth The Trip. Plus My Daughter Loves it 2 :)

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

5 Star Review by Guest 86499

Wow! This place is impressive! My family and I went to this pizza place the other night, we've been here before but this visit was our best! I love the fact that on a busy Friday night that the owners are so involved! We actually had a very lovely women (who must have been the owner) come over to our table and welcome us! We only spoke to her briefly, but wow, what an impression that makes! That the owners care enough about their customers to make them feel like friends and their staff keeps the store running smoothly enough so they can mingle with us! Bottom Line.... This Pizza place has it all! The Best Food, Service, Atmosphere.. you name it they have it!Thanks for being one of the best local places around! We only come to you for our pizza needs now! -Shelly

5 Star Review by Guest Hong Kong Phooey
Great Pizza Man, I love this place. Awesome NY style pizza. I go for the pepperoni and mushroom and the wife loves the sliced meatball pizza.
5 Star Review by Guest 91035
5Stars - I love this place! It really is the best. They are very consistant with the food. Everytime I go I get exactly what I expect... PEFRECTION! The food is to die for and overall this is the only place in Florida that I have found authentic NY pizza, great customer service and a warm and inviting place to bring my family.
5 Star Review by Guest 72215

We eat out every night since retiring in 2000. We constantly try to find a restaurant that is tranquil without loud music, loud, drunken adults and disruptive children. Even many of the better restaurants do not meet this criterian. We simply love your piano player and the beautiful screen display of the beauty in the world. It is as if we are entering a different world in your dining room. The service is always excellent and the bread used on your subs cannot be beat.

5 Star Review by Guest 6893

Best pizza in tampa by far

5 Star Review by Guest 12659
5 Stars We love it! I like the white pizzas and the sicilian pizza. We lived in upstate New York for four years before moving to Tampa 11 years ago...... This is the first place in Tampa we have found quality New York pizza for a decent price in all these years. We have tried plenty of times to find anything that measured up …………..
5 Star Review by Guest 70116

This place is amazing! I've been a long time customer now and I've never been disappointed! They are consistant which really makes a big impression! .....Best New York Pizza, You are truly the BEST in Tampa... possibly even Florida! Thank you for being serving the BEST Pizza, Having the BEST Staff and overall just being the BEST! I recomend you to everyone (even if I don't know them.)

5 Star Review by Guest 57400

We love Best NY Pizza! This is the only place in Florida that we have found quality New York pizza in all these years. Its amazing, its the real deal,....The pizza is so good and authentic you'll feel like your home again. In fact my wife and I recently visited family in New York and believe it or not........... Best NY Pizza was actually better than pizza we got in Manhattan. If you know good pizza, I promise you will love it!

5 Star Review by Guest JerShir

True NY. Been going here for years and it is the only pizza we will eat!

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value, Pizza

5 Star Review by Guest Jerry
Favorite place in Tampa. Update: I had to add to my review. I was just in last night and had a chance to dine in their new dining room. AMAZING! I frequent this resturant on a weekly basis but usally only for lunch. Well I was in for a treat when I was greeted by the friendly girls at the counter who asked if my wife and I would like to sit in their "new" dining room. Right away they told us that it was the same great food with the same prices so off we went. We were greeted again and sat promptly. After looking at the menu and seeing the new menu items they had, we knew we were in for a treat! I had the Chicken Parmesan Dinner and my wife had the Shrimp Scampi Dinner. AMAZING! The portions were generous enough that we even took some home! I have to say the value of this place always amazes me. It's nice to see that even in the economy we can eat a place that has upscale service, amazing atmosphere, and Incredible food, but not break the bank while enjoying it! Bottom line is that when it's a small privatly owned resturant like this is you can tell that the owners and employees take pride in their product and service. Well Done! Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value, Pizza
5 Star Review by Guest Gail M

Love that they have fresh pizza by the slice all day long!

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

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